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Dr. Maximilian Böger grew up in the north of Germany and practiced competitive sports. As a trained ski instructor with a Tyrolean license, he moved to Austria. He studied international business administration at the University of Vienna. During his studies he successfully founded the startup updoon and the brand UNUYA. He co-founded of Airspott and experienced a 'fuck-up story'. As a Ph.D. candidate and project lead at the Institute of Technology Management at the University of St. Gallen, he founded the Ecosystem Living Lab and was specialized in innovation managementbusiness model innovation, platforms and ecosystems. In these areas, he worked with global leading companies (e.g Microsoft). Maximilian is engaged in the development of visions, innovative business ideas, new business models and the optimization of existing strategies in the age of digital transformation. Today he is Managing Director of FUTURE CANDY and  Founder of Business Model Ideas, the worlds largest database for business model analysis. Furthermore, he is an angel investor at transalpine venturesadvisory board member of several startups (e.g. Moonshot Pirates), lecturer at several universities and a member of the academic jury of the St. Gallen Symposium. His passion is to develop management frameworks, strategies and drive innovation beyond company boundaries. 


In his keynotes, he impressively teaches how visionary strategies and exponential growth can achieve goals that were previously considered unattainable. With his unusual methodsstorytellingknowledge of the latest innovation trends, entrepreneurship and a very authentic mixture of depth and humor coupled with a pinch of self-irony Maximilian sets managers and employees from all industries on innovation course.

"Founding learned me more than any lecture. Academia made me understand my mistakes. To talk about them should inspire others!"

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Netflix yourself before you get kodaked

In this keynote, business model expert and founder of the world's largest platform for business model analysis Business Model Ideas, Dr. Maximilian Böger tells a story about why it is better to break the rules and cannibalize your own business model instead of being cannibalized yourself. In an entertaining way, he picks up various fun facts, historical incidents and clarifies, with the help of practical examples, about the biggest problems and mistakes in the development as well as implementation of past and current business models. As an advocate of market research and as PhD academic, he self-critically puts forward one or the other argument why "just do it" is better than "research for a long time". You're guaranteed that one thing will be clear to their audience at the end: "Netflix yourself before you get kodaked!"

Trend Remix 202X - from Metaverse to Circular Economy! 

This keynote provides information about tomorrow's hottest buzzwords and technological trends in an entertaining way. Have you often asked yourself the following questions: What is the Metaverse? What is actually the difference between the Metaverse and Virtual or Augmented Reality? What are NFT (Non-Fungible Token), Circularity and what is the exciting intersection between all these buzzwords? Dr. Maximilian Böger will answer these questions, sum up reality or hype and take your audience on an innovative trend journey into the year 202X.

What is CIRCULAR and how to ECONOMY?

Everyone is talking about sustainability and the so-called circular economy. In times of disrupted supply chains due to COVID-19 and shortage of raw materials due to the Ukraine conflict more than ever! But in most cases the mindset of most companies and operating individuals is short sighted. In his keynote on circular economy, Dr. Maximilian Böger's illuminates his opinion with practical examples why it will not be enough in the future to produce green products or to adorn oneself with "greenwashing". He provides a clear answer to why it can only be the own value creation that will give a company the legitimacy to exist in the future, inspire employees, win customers and earn money.

How to lead Generation WHY & Z?

HELLO BOOMER & MANAGER! Do you find it challenging to find good employees or keep your best horses in the stable? Tired of constantly talking about "work-life balance" and "workation"? Dr. Maximilian Böger, with himself being a so-called millennial, talks about how to lead generations "WHY" & Z and sarcastically points out how they are different from previous generations. He shows the differences between both generations and explains why they want to know "why". Ultimately, he provides insights from his many years of experience as a leader of diverse groups of young digital junkies.

My (FUCK UP) Story

"No!""Don't make mistakes!" "Wrong!" "We must not tell anyone!" Almost all of us were raised with perfectionism and zero tolerance for mistakes. We prefer to keep quiet about mistakes and problems.

From being dyslexic and achieving poor grades at school to being a serial  founder (failed as well as successful), doctor at the University of St. Gallen, lecturer at several universities and globally booked expert for business models, platform and ecosystem strategies. Sounds like a fairy tale? It is not! In his emotional and highly personal keynote, Dr. Maximilian Böger speaks genuinely, with a pinch of self-irony about his difficult path to admitting to himself that mistakes, transparency and merciless honesty are positive. He also explains why a practiced culture of mistakes is essential for every organization, regardless of whether it is a kindergarten, a startup or a corporate group in the year 202X.

Buzzword: Ecosystems. A clarification

Are you tired of it too, everyone using the word e "ecosystem" In everyday professional life these days. But what does the statement "we are building an ecosystem" actually mean? In this keynote Dr. Maximilian Böger gives an overview of the different types of ecosystems, their dynamics, why innovation in the future will be driven by ecosystems and not by individual companies, and what the masses actually mean when they talk about an ecosystem in a professional context.

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"We have been partnering with Max as the main keynote speaker for Lenovo’s biggest annual customer Event in Austria. Addressing an audience of around 500 participants of commercial endcustomers (C-Level Executives, Tech Influencers, Decisionmakers within the Austrian IT Industry) Max has been WOW-ing the whole event with a fantastic storytelling approach in a very profound & humoristic way. Being one of the world’s most reputable experts in business model innovation he is always a great choice for your company! Max, you are booked recurringly!"


Channel Leader AUSTRIA bei Lenovo

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